Are all items shipped from the Netherlands?

Yes, we ship all items ourselves and our company is located in Nijmegen.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

No, all packages in the Netherlands are sent for free. If you want to have a package sent insured, there is a surcharge of 7 euros on the shipment, you can indicate this at checkout.

How long is the warranty period?

This is 1 year for all articles, if this is different, this will be indicated with the article.

Can I also pick up an article at our office in Nijmegen?

If you prefer not to, but if you still want to, make an appointment by telephone first.

If I return a product because I am not satisfied, will I get my money back or do I have to order something else?

You always get your money back.

Are all items original from Apple or other tone-making manufacturers?

All products are original unless stated in the description of the item.

Do you also carry out repairs?

Yes, we repair all devices and consoles for which we sell parts and accessories.

If I cannot find a part in the webshop, can you still order and sell this item?

Yes, we will do our utmost to order the article from our extensive network of suppliers at home and abroad.

If I buy a product from your webshop and want to return it within 14 days, do I have to pay shipping costs?

No you do not have to pay shipping costs, you can request a return label and use it to return the item.

Can I return an item if I have modified the item or if I remove seals?

No, in that case, the warranty will lapse because we can no longer exchange the item ourselves.

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